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Gifted & Talented

The Academy believes that all young people are unique individuals with gifting and talents. However, we also know that some students show particular aptitudes, abilities or skills that could be beyond that of their peers. Teachers within the Academy are charged with meeting the needs of all students, this is an inclusion issue. Students designated as gifted or talented are identified by teachers and regularly monitored. Our curriculum is organised in a way that allows all students to thrive regardless of their needs.

We have worked with a variety of organisations including Southampton Junior University to support students in their learning. This has also included inviting guests speakers to school with backgrounds as diverse as working for the BBC, lecturing at Southampton University and creating a charity raising funds for local school children. Amongst them was Sir Anthony Salz who has worked extensively in business and media. As a result, we have seen a rapid rise in the number of students gaining top grades, particularly in English and Maths.