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Pastoral Care

The Academy is organised in year groups and all students are in a Tutor group. The Tutor has a significant role in supporting your child holistically, looking at academic progress alongside their emotional wellbeing and is a regular point of contact for you. Each year team has a designated pastoral leader who is available to contact throughout the Academy day.

The year teams are skilfully led by Directors of Progress and Entitlement who oversee all aspects of your child’s progress, attendance and behaviour to help ensure every student maximises their potential.

Throughout the academic year, parents have given regular feedback on their child’s progress. A written report provides timely feedback which is support by Parents’ Evenings. Alternatively, we encourage you to make direct contact with the Director of Progress, pastoral leader or tutors at any point in the year.

During the summer term of Year 6 we will visit each transferring child’s primary school, so that we have all the relevant information needed to ensure that your child gets off to a good start in Year 7. The Academy runs a transition day in July and our Hub team offer a range of activities during the summer holidays that will further support transition. This is further to our extensive collaboration programme that sees the Academy regularly involved with activities both in your child’s primary school or hosted at the Academy.

The Academy day is enhanced by a comprehensive period 6 and beyond program, which provides an additional hour of activities every night of the week.

The Academy is committed to helping all students to flourish. One of our core values is a ‘Passion to include everyone’. These are not merely nice words; they are at the heart of our values. We believe that every person matters and it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to ensure that every student realises their potential.