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Reading Schemes

Here at Oasis Academy Lord's Hill, one of our main priorities is to embed outstanding literacy levels across the school to ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential at KS3, KS4 and beyond. Our key strategy is to raise the profile of reading across the school, particularly for those who find reading challenging. The following programmes allow us to offer such students an engaging and personalised reading programme. We achieve this mainly through our ‘Phonics Programme’ and our ‘Team Reading Programme’.

Phonics Programme

For students who arrive at the Academy with a lower than expected sight-reading age we use a systematic phonics approach through the Ruth Miskin Phonics programme “Read Write Inc”.

‘Read Write Inc.’ is a fully tried and tested phonic programme that is delivered in a lively and engaging way. It is fundamental in helping develop students’ vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, composition skills, and their speaking and listening skills too.  The programme includes:

  • Ready-made lessons plans with flashcards
  • Ready-made word cards that target the more challenging words
  • Specially-designed phonics posters
  • phonically accessible and engaging storybooks
  • Specially-designed Get Writing! Books that encourage proficiency in writing, punctuation and spelling.

Team Reading Programme

In addition students whose reading age is significantly below their chronological age engage in extra reading activities for 20 minutes each morning during tutor time.  “Team Reading” involves students from years 7 to 11 and focuses on increasing reading fluency & accuracy, reading comprehension and spelling skills.

At present, students engage in one of the three programmes in Team Reading, depending upon their individual reading needs.

Accelerated Reader

All students in Years 7 – 10, regardless of their reading ability, are engaged in a reading comprehension programme called “Accelerated Reader”. This takes place in English lessons and several other departments across the school.  As well as assessing the students’ reading comprehension, this programme is an excellent way to encourage students to read more widely and to use the Learning Resource Centre (library) where we’ve recently invested significantly in increasing our range of fiction and non-fiction. All books in the library are organised by AR level to make it easier for students to locate the relevant books and our stock is constantly expanding. Students proceed through the levels based on their comprehension of each book read by answering a short online test, with their results determining if they can move forward to more challenging books. Students ‘graduate’ from Team Reading once they have achieved their target reading age.

In addition, “Accelerated Reader” is used in Team Reading sessions, specifically for those students who have reached a moderate level of reading proficiency.

Units of Sound

Units of Sound is a computer based programme which we use in our teaching of reading and spelling. Pupils complete both a reading test and a spelling test so they can be placed on the programme at their own level in each area.  They then move through the programme at their own speed. The programme consists of 4 strands – reading, spelling, memory and dictation. The reading and spelling strands introduce each unit of sound or phoneme separately before using it in words and sentences. Memory and dictation levels are set from the spelling results and reinforce the units of sound covered in the spelling strand.