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Oasis Safeguarding Statement of Intent

At Oasis Community Learning we strive to make sure all our students are safe in school, at home, online and in the community. Our staff are here to keep young people safe and secure and to promote their personal safety and wellbeing.

Our commitment to safeguarding encompasses ways which we ensure children and young people foster security, confidence and independence. The Academy has a duty of care and the right to take reasonable action to ensure the welfare and safety of its students. If a member of staff has cause to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill treatment, neglect or any other form of abuse, the Academy will follow child protection procedures and inform Children’s Services of its concern.

A clear policy on Safeguarding is available below and is reviewed by Oasis staff alongside the Academy Council on an annual basis.

There are designated lead staff who monitor the effectiveness of the policy and, where necessary, liaise with the local authority when significant safeguarding concerns arise.

If you have a concern that a child is being harmed, is at risk of harm, or you receive a disclosure (intentionally or unintentionally) you must contact one of the designated safeguarding leads as quickly as possible. You will find the names of these members of staff on the Academy’s Safeguarding Policy (below).

Policy and Procedures

We will ensure all policies and procedures in respect of safeguarding children are up to date and in line with Keeping children safe in education 2018. The policies are accessible to all staff through the Oasis Zone and Academies Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Policies and procedures are reviewed and rev​ised by the Oasis Board of Trustees on a regular basis.

For the Oasis Safeguarding Policy please click on the link below:

Please click here to view the Academy's Safeguarding Policy.

Information for Parents and Carers - September 2018

How we deal with Safeguarding Concerns at Oasis Academy Lord's Hill (flow chart)

Child Online Safety - Using Social Media


For other policies please visit the Academy policies page.

Board of Trustees

As delegated by the Board of Trustees, the Oasis Group Chief Executive is the lead for Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk and chairs the quarterly Oasis Group Policy Committee reports to the Board on all Safeguarding issues.

Oasis is a member of the local Safeguarding Children Boards of each Local Authority in which it operates. Any issues related to safeguarding children will be discussed at these Boards each quarter.

Disclosure & Barring Checks

Oasis meets statutory requirements in relation to Disclosure & Barring Service– all staff and volunteers who work with Oasis who meet the ‘regulated activity test’ (Freedoms Act 2012) is required to undergo an enhanced DBS check prior to employment.

Safeguarding Leads/Child Protection Officers

The Board of Trustees for Oasis Charitable Trust has ultimate responsibility for Safeguarding issues. Operationally, this responsibility is delegated to the Group Chief Executive, who leads on Policy issues in relation to the safeguarding of children and adults at risk across the Oasis group. Within each subsidiary/operational area of activity across the Oasis Group there are Safeguarding Leads/Child Protection Officers who lead on Child Protection issues within their relevant location. They are clear about their role, have sufficient time and receive relevant support, and training, to undertake their roles, which includes close contact with outside agencies including social services, the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and relevant health care organisations.


All eligible staff and volunteers are required to undertake relevant safeguarding training and this is regularly reviewed by each lead in the Oasis subsidiaries to ensure it is up to date. A training database for all staff and volunteers is maintained, while training needs are reviewed as part of individual performance reviews and more broadly throughout the organisation by audit. The last training strategy review occurred through the Safeguarding Steering Group in January 2015.

To support us in this initiative, Oasis has partnered with Hays, who has a strong reputation for providing training within the education sector. The Hays Education Online Safeguarding and Child Protection Training Course can be reached by clicking here.


Oasis has robust audit checklist to assure that safeguarding systems and processes are working. The audit includes: the monitoring of Academies Single Central Record, the monitoring of Child Protection & Adults at Risk Policies and Procedures including, 'Allegations against Professionals' and the monitoring of training for all employees and volunteers, guidance and support. The Oasis audit will be undertaken in December for reporting in January. When necessary, Oasis will take part in relevant audits with partner agencies including those from relevant Local Authorities.