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We are always very excited at the prospect of a new group of Year 7 students joining us in September and we very much hope that we can ensure that the transition from Year 6 into Year 7 is smooth and constructive.

The transition process:

  1. During the summer term Mr Lloyd, our Transition Manager, will be making arrangements for visits to every primary school that have students coming to the Academy.
  2. Senior Leaders from the Academy will come in to meet the students who will have an opportunity to ask questions following a short presentation.
  3. Students will be invited to a ‘taster day’ in July; this is likely to start at 9.00 and finish at 2.45. Students will enjoy a range of fun activities that will help them to get used to their new environment.
  4. Some students may be particularly anxious about moving to secondary school, staff from our special educational needs and personalised learning teams will work closely with these students to ensure that they are given appropriate support. In our experience, staff from the primary schools give us helpful information about any particular needs.

If you have any concerns about your child’s transition to the Academy please do not hesitate to contact us.

General Transition issues:

Mr A Lloyd

Special Educational Needs:

Ms J Clark
Mrs A Morgan

Anxiety, emotional or behavioural needs:
Ms N Terrell

If you would like a conversation with the Principal please contact Mary Bansi (Principal's PA).

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Transiton comments from our students:

"On my first day I was nervous as expected, but it wasn’t anything like I imagined it to be. I actually really enjoyed it. Walking in was a big thing and it was very scary. When I entered, it was extremely welcoming. It was really nice when some familiar faces from several year groups made the effort to come and speak to me, they seemed pleased to see me."

"My first impression was how lucky I was to be studying in this amazing new building with its vast array of outstanding facilities. However, Oasis isn’t just about the school and its facilities. it’s about all the people you meet there who will help you and guide you on your journey to achieving the qualifications to set you on your chosen career path."

"When I left the primary school, I was convinced that I would hate the changes that secondary would present me with. However, I was surprised when I realised that Oasis Academy was the complete opposite."

"I believe that I learned more in my first year at Oasis Academy than I had during any other school year. Not only was I taught about Maths and English, but I also learnt many important life skills, such as: time management, punctuality and putting in maximum effort."

"From a young age I was bullied in multiple schools and I took every chance I could to have a day off. I have been to so-called ‘top’ schools, yet I have found that this school has helped me the best through everything. Thanks to Oasis I have gone from hating school to loving it."

"Oasis is more than a brand new building; it is a whole community; a place where I learn, laugh and love; a place where all the best people are."