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Model of Governance

Oasis Community Learning (OCL) is a Multi-Academy sponsor; and it is legally responsible for 51 Oasis Academies.

The Oasis Governance Model is different to the way a governing body of a school operates. There are two parts to the governance of Oasis Academies. Local governance is delivered through the Academy Councils (ACs) and national governance, is delivered through the National Office and the Regional  Directors (RDs), on behalf of the Board.

Oasis believes that the role of the AC is a vital one because it is essential that people in a local community have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the purpose of education in society and how it can transform communities.  It is therefore really important that the AC understands, has time to think about and ask questions about the Academy’s curriculum, teaching and learning

The diagram below shows how the Model of Governance works in practice:

The key principle of Oasis Governance is that local and national governance work together, each providing an aspect of governance that the other cannot. The OCL Board and the National Team cannot, because of their national/regional role, provide a local understanding; and the AC, because it is a local body, cannot provide national governance. However, together they provide the overall governance role for Academies.

OCL Board
Volunteers from various backgrounds, including Education, Civil Service, Business, Accounting and Finance and others

Group CEO
Joy Madeiros

John Murphy

Regional Directors (RDs)

(P) = Primary (S) = Secondary

North  – Helen Arya (P, NW), Lynne Goodhand (P, NE) & Rachel Jones (S)

Midlands  – Paul Tarry (P)

South West  – Julia Dauban (Interim P) & Phil Humphreys (Interim S)

South Coast - Phil Humphreys (S)

London and South East  – Kirstie Fulthorpe  (P/S)

The Regional Directors have responsibility for management of Principals across the Oasis family

Academy Councillors
Academy Based - Made up of local people from the community, parents and sponsor representatives.