Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Meet the Staff

Meet the OA Lord's Hill family

Senior Leadership, Safeguarding & Hub Team

Rob Forder

Richard Brand
Associate Principal

Karen Riding
Vice Principal 







Lewis Gundry
Assistant Principal

Ashlene Knight
Assistant Principal

Liz Osborne
Director of Business & Finance





Paul Woodman
Director of Ethos &
Hub, Oasis South


Christena Lord
Deputy Designated
Safeguarding Lead





Teaching Staff

Juliet Reed-Birks - Curriculum Lead Arts
Michelle Morley - Teacher of Dance
Ashlene Knight - Teacher of English / Assistant Principal (Teaching & Learning)
Rebecca Lyons - Curriculum Lead English
Kelly Godwin - Teacher English / Teacher of Media
Sabrina Hawkins - Teacher of English / Teacher of History / Director of Progress (Year  9 & 10)
Lisa Mouland - Teacher of English / Head of Year 7 & Transition
Ausra Tolley - Teacher of English
Abigail Humphrey - Teacher of English
Oscar Eftekhari - Teacher of English
Thomas Cleary - Teacher of Geography
Elizabeth Platts - Teacher of Geography
Alex Burton - Subject Lead History
Katie MacBrayne - Teacher of History
Tamla Gale - Director of Excellence (Humanities) / Teacher of Geography
Susan Roath - Curriculum Lead Maths
Jenny Barrett - Teacher of Maths
Sonia King - Teacher of Maths
Richard Brand - Teacher of Maths / Teacher of DT / Associate Principal
Lewis Gundry - Teacher of Maths / Assistant Principal
Thomas Hearn - Teacher of Maths
Chris Moore - Teacher of Maths
Emma Kingswell - Subject Lead MFL
Karen Riding - Teacher of MFL / Teacher of Food / Vice Principal
Neil Souter - Teacher of Music
Jon Cook - Curriculum Lead PE
John Parker - Teacher of PE / Director of Progress (Year 11)
Shelley Toppin - Teacher of PE
Lucy Bennett - Teacher of RE
David Spratt - Director of Excellence (Science)
Alice Gerrard - Raising Standards Lead Science
Dan West - Teacher of Science / Head of Year 11
Naomi Arthur - Teacher of Science
Kirsty Blake - Teacher of Science
Claudine Pearce - Teacher of Science
Kieran Amery - Teacher of Science
Carmit Levita - Teacher of Science
Aaron Fuest - Teacher of Technology

Teaching Support Staff

Michelle Grundy - KS3 Pastoral Leader
Carol Coutinho - KS4 Pastoral Leader
Hayley Knight - Unqualified Teacher (English)
Xenia Bennett - Unqualified Teacher (Science)
Ernest Dapaah - Unqualified Teacher (Maths)
Alisha Tarrant - Unqualified Teacher (Art)
Zoe Locke - Cover Manager
Rebecca Simpson - English HLTA
Carol Mason - Maths HLTA
Amanda Morgan - SEND
Sarah Taggart - Librarian
Julie Harrison - Teaching Assistant
Rachel Higgins - Teaching Assistant
Sandra Knight - Teaching Assistant
Trudy Watt - Teaching Assistant
April Newton - Teaching Assistant / Young Carers
Richard Long - Art Technician
Robyn Pointer - Science Technician
Piero Pilato - Food Technician
Clare McKenzie - DT Technician / Heath and Safety, Oasis South Coast
Thomas Pearson - Researcher in Science
Nina O'Sullivan - Student Supervisor

Support Staff

Keri Jenkins - Principal's PA
Dawn Warwick - HR and Office Manager
Sonia Day - Attendance Officer
Rachel Smith - Finance Officer
Ann Marie Cox - Finance Assistant
Denise Farrell - Data and Exams Officer
Alisha Knight - Data and Exams Assistant
Katie Phillips - Receptionist
Julia Read - Admin Assistant
Susie Clarke - Admin Assistant
Julie Myers - School Counsellor
Jan Rance - Careers Advisor, OA Lord's Hill & OA Mayfield
Chris Webb - Design and Marketing, Oasis South Coast
Clare McKenzie - Health and Safety, Oasis South Coast / DT Technician
Joe Pritchard - Facilities Manager
Matt Green - Facilities Assistant
Bailey Byrne - Facilities Apprentice

Pre-school Staff

Clare Croucher - Pre-school Manager
Charlette Hodder - Pre-school Practitioner
Carly Crabb - Pre-school Practitioner
Kerry Chalk - Pre-school Practitioner
Teri Jackson - Pre-school Practitioner
Libby King - Pre-school Practitioner
Lesley Strange -Pre-school Practitioner 
Roxy Taylor - Pre-school Practitioner
Julie Theobald - Pre-school Practitioner

Community Team

David Talbot - Community & Leisure Manager
Brenda Couchman - Community Clerical Assistant
Russell Farley - Farm Manager
Sara Forcer - Farm Learning Co-ordinator
Rachel Thomson - Farm Learning Co-ordinator
Carol Crabb - Leisure Assistant
Hollie Garrathy - Leisure Assistant
Sharon Garrathy - Leisure Assistant
Shannon Gentry - Leisure Assistant
Luke Newman - Leisure Assistant
Kelly Ann Ward - Leisure Assistant

Oasis South Coast IT Team

Chris Young - Cluster Manager
Zoltan Pinter - Cluster Engineer
Scott Gallantry - Cluster Technician
Ruhal Ahmed - Cluster Technician