Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Achievement

At Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill we want our students to enjoy learning, make great progress and achieve exceptional outcomes. In order to do this we use a range of methods to determine what each individual student does well and develop the areas they need to improve upon.

Our lessons are planned carefully to take into account the strengths and the developmental areas of every student in order to enable them to progress in each subject. In addition to the assessment for learning that take place in class, we report formally to parents and carers throughout the year. The report contains information about progress and attainment in every subject as well as important learning information such as attendance, home learning, effort and next steps.

Highlights of the Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill 2018 GCSE examination results include:

  • Overall, standards in English and Maths have been maintained, with 48% of students achieving grade 4-9 in English and Maths, and 26% gaining grade 5-9.
  • Students have performed exceptionally well in English, with 53% of students achieving a ‘strong’ pass (grade 5-9) and 64% reaching the 4-9 ‘standard’ pass threshold. These results represent the best English outcomes in the Academy’s history.
  • Students achieved a total ten grade 9s in new GCSEs such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History. Students achieving these grades are the first to do so from Lord’s Hill. In English and Maths, the number of grade 9s rose to six, an increase on last year.
  • Science results are significantly improved on previous years, with 56% of students achieving at least one ‘standard pass’ grade, despite more challenging qualifications. This is a testament to the quality of Science teaching at the Academy against the backdrop of a national shortage of Science teachers.
  • Students performed well in a number of other new GCSE subjects, with more than 80% achieving a standard pass in both Art and French.
  • Once again, the Academy has maintained its track record in securing brilliant results in vocational subjects, such as Health and Social Care, Hospitality, Engineering and Sport. In total, 63% of grades in these subjects were at Distinction or Distinction*.

Many of our students achieved outstanding examination results.  Congratulations in particular should go to the following students who were our highest performers:

  • Rachel Winter achieved a total of seven grade 9s in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History. She also achieved a grade 8 in Spanish.
  • Louis Wyatt achieved a total of six grade 9s in English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History. He also achieved a grade 8 in Mathematics, and a grade 7 in Art.
  • Blazej Alksnin achieved grade 9s in Biology and Physics alongside three grade 8s, one grade 7, one grade A* and one grade A.
  • Charlotte Hollins achieved a grade 9 in English Literature and a grade 8 in English Language, alongside grade 7s in History and Art.
  • Imogen Kerwood achieved a grade 7s in English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History, alongside an A in Graphics.
  • Ben Smart achieved a grade 8 and a grade 7 in the new Combined Science GCSE, alongside three other grade 7s.

Parent/Carer Partnerships

We value our partnerships with parents and carers and we are committed to holding individual meetings with every student and parent each year. This is a dedicated time when parents meet with class teachers to discuss what is working well and how to improve discussing subject specific priorities and progress. In addition, individual meetings are arranged in all year groups when there is a concern about a student’s learning. This is a great chance to find out what your child has been learning in each of the areas of the curriculum and to see more about where their talents lie.