Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Global Partnerships

Oasis responds to the local needs of 51 communities across the globe, which requires an enormous amount of support and resource. 

Global partnering is one of the ways our academies can support the varying needs of country specific programmes. From providing funds and gifts in kind, to arranging visits during the holidays to offer more hands-on help.

Oasis Academy Lord's Hill is partnered with Oasis Mozambique & Oasis Belgium

Oasis Mozambique

Oasis have been working in Mozambique since 2002.  We work in Beira, Mozambique's second largest city, and the surrounding villages.  We have 3 Hubs in Beira, Manga Loforte, Ngupa and Ponta Gea where we run a number of projects. 

Infant mortality is extremely high in the Manga area of Beira. At the Manga Loforte hub, Oasis Mozambique focuses on reducing infant mortality through improving water quality, sanitation and hygiene. Much of the work is done through 96 “mother leaders” who each educate a further 12 neighbours. In the 2013 monsoon season, there were no cases of Cholera reported in the community.

At the Ngupa hub we run our Early Childhood Centre (pre-school lessons are from 8am-12pm) where early years learning is provided to children between 3-5 years of age. Most of these children are underprivileged and their families cannot afford to pay for their fees. Children are provided with 1 meal per day as a way of addressing malnutrition.  We are currently building our second preschool in Manga Loforte. 

In our Ponta Gea Hub, we work with 185 youth and adolescent, in the Munhava and Ponta Gea Clinics, who are HIV+ to increase their adherence to Anti-Retroviral Treatment.  Our committed staff and volunteers run monthly support groups, carry out home visits on a weekly basis as well as spend time in clinics to counsel youth on issues around sexual and reproductive health.

Oasis Belgium

Oasis have been working in Belgium since 2007. We run projects supporting the children of people without papers, helping them to stay in school, eat well, receive support through our new trauma-sensitive yoga program and have stable accommodation whilst helping their parents to regularise their papers and find work.

We run projects that help women who have been trafficked to come out of exploitation, find community and employment and a project which helps to connect isolated elderly people to community.

We also lead a project ‘In The Long Run’ which uses running to raise awareness about human trafficking, as well as giving young people access to sport. 

With an active role in STOP THE TRAFFIK, Oasis Belgium is committed to educating young people through a schools programme and to change policy at government level through proactive lobbying.

The projects teams are made up of both staff and volunteers and work in Brussels, Beringen, and across Belgium.