Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We believe that all students should have access to an excellent broad education that provides opportunities for students to flourish. We believe that all areas of our curriculum are of a high quality and we have a particular expertise within the arts.

We have excellent links with the Saints Foundation and our Saints Community Champion delivers a wide range of sporting activities during the school day, and after school.

Academic support, revision sessions, homework clubs or enrichment activities like Trampolining, Dance, Singing or Science to name just a few.

Our curriculum is enhanced by a number of trips and visits, which develops students’ cultural capital and an appreciation of the skills required beyond the curriculum.
Autumn Term 2019 Enrichment ActivitiesElevate Dance Company, with Mrs Morley in the Theatre - Every Monday 3-4pm.
Glee Club, with Mr Souter & Showcase in the Music Room - Every Wednesday 3-4pm.

Sports Clubs

Our Library is open to all students at break, lunch, before and after school for Homework,
Reading and SpellZone.The Arts

The Arts play a strong role within the Academy. All examinable subjects within the Arts perform at an outstanding level, far outstripping national averages. The Arts are further strengthened by our outstanding facilities.

Students are encouraged to enhance their experiences at the Academy with additional activities in the Arts. A number of students participate in concerts and shows, either as performers or as technicians. Performance is clearly an important aspect of the Arts and we are as proud of our audience as we are of the performers. Staff and students regularly perform within the Academy in assemblies or at pop-up concerts and the audience is always appreciative and supportive, a true recognition of the courage it takes to stand up and perform. Students can also get involved in variety of Art & Design projects. Trips to see plays, musicals, concerts and exhibitions are also arranged.Showcase Music School

The Showcase Music School is an iconic and modern provider of child-driven and family-inclusive arts education and performance opportunities. We reach out to thousands of young people each week. Showcase is home to many schools where our team of professional teachers & musicians deliver a reliable service, consistency and above all, happiness and inspiration by the bucket full.  We find a way to ensure all young people are offered opportunities to share their success and achievements to an audience every term.  The company operate a wide range of ensembles that are free for young people to take part in out side of school too. Combining a masterful scheme of work for schools and plenty of joy, Showcase is a results driven company responsible for transforming young lives and channelling their energies into a positive direction.

Showcase provide for every opportunity including:  PPA Cover, Wider Opportunities, Curriculum Teaching, Clubs, Instrumental Teaching, Ensembles, Workshops and much more.

Visit the Showcase website for more information.Sports
We run an exciting and varied sports enrichment programme for all our students to take part in. It provides our student community the opportunity to get fit, have fun and learn about a wide range of sports activities. Through the Physical Education Curriculum students develop skills and knowledge in a variety of sports such as rugby, football, hockey, badminton, fitness, trampolining, dance, athletics, basketball, tennis, table tennis and many others. In extra-curricular time students have the chance to enhance their skills further in a more relaxed environment. A large variety of sports are offered either in a school based club or through competition against other schools in Southampton and Hampshire. Students not only learn about the rules and tactics within these sporting activities but they also develop their knowledge of leadership, communication and coaching skills.
Trips and Visits
Students' learning and understanding is enhanced by trips and visits. Some visits are arranged as part of the national curriculum programme of studies for example: museums, theatres, community centres, art galleries etc. Other trips are provided as an extra-curricular opportunity or as a reward. Our students also represent the Academy well at a variety of competitions.

Students have recently visited:

  • Paris
  • Fernycrofts
  • Woodmill
  • Southampton University
  • We Day UK
  • Rock Assembly
  • Marwell
  • Paulton's Park
  • Thorpe Park
  • Splashdown
  • Belgium
  • Hong Kong
  • Other Oasis Academies

We also welcome visitors to the Academy. Recently we have been entertained by the singer songwriter Rich Cottell, wowed by the Olympian Pete Waterfield and cooked with Celebrity Chef Paul Rankin.