Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill students are set home learning that we feel will feed into student strengths in our drive to nurture a creativity and a passion for learning. At Oasis Lord's Hill we have created an innovative home learning opportunity where students can feel proud of their work as they take great pleasure and enjoyment in being able to undertake a task that lends itself to their skills and expertise as learner.

Our home learning enables students to decide upon the style of a chosen homework task that is linked to their learning preferences.  The tasks will always be in line with the students’ curriculum pathway, but due to the variety of tasks that students can undertake, to reflect the learning and their consolidation of the thematic study, they will be able to bring a greater level of determination and dedication to their home learning chosen piece by completing a task in a method of their choice.

Some examples of the types of tasks they can undertake are:

  • A mind map
  • PowerPoint
  • Critical essay (GCSE style)
  • A performance-based response (recording) such as a soliloquy
  • Comparative task (of 2 eras for example/ two different attitudes/ 2 places)
  • A research response
  • A theorist approach (literary criticism)
  • A creative response (Art/ 3D design)
  • Storyboard
  • Revision Clocks

A home learning task can also be an independent learning task or set via an online platform (examples of these can be seen below).  This will be decided by the teacher and the subject.

Home learning will be set be set via ClassCharts.  Students will need to submit their homework weekly, and they will receive positive merits on ClassCharts for meeting the set deadline and will receive further merits if the work is of a high standard to even a Curriculum Leaders award or a Principal’s Award.  Conversely, students will also receive Negatives on ClassCharts if the work is not submitted on time.

For some students who find it difficult to work at home, or they may require specific resources (books, software, equipment) to complete the home learning it may be necessary or desirable to carry out the task at the academy. Our library is available after school for students to be able to complete homework and coursework.

Below are a few of the interactive learning platforms that we use to support your child’s learning and in addition, there is the ClassCharts login which will take you to the school homework calendar.