Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


The Extra Curricular Offer

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self”

We believe that developing positive behaviours and attitudes amongst our student cohorts, alongside encouraging individual characteristics and talent, ensures that students become well-rounded and well-informed citizens. The Lord’s Hill staff team share a passion to offer opportunities beyond our wide, broad and balanced curriculum, and there are a variety of lunch/after-school clubs that seek to support, engage and develop our young people. We understand that some students need further opportunities in order to shine and to help them to buy-in during their educational career at Lord’s Hill.

Extra-curricular opportunities offered this term:

Enrichment Timetable



At Lord’s Hill we value giving students experience of residential and day trips, and stand-alone experience days. These are updated on a yearly basis.
Visits have included: The Mayflower Theatre, Scotland Summer Camp, Wembley and Disneyland Paris.

Saint Foundation

We have excellent links with the Saints Foundation and our Saints Community Champion delivers a wide range of sporting activities during the school day, and after school.

Showcase Music School

The Showcase Music School is an iconic and modern provider of child-driven and family-inclusive arts education and performance opportunities. We reach out to thousands of young people each week. Showcase is home to many schools where our team of professional teachers & musicians deliver a reliable service, consistency and above all, happiness and inspiration by the bucket full.  We find a way to ensure all young people are offered opportunities to share their success and achievements to an audience every term.  The company operate a wide range of ensembles that are free for young people to take part in out side of school too. Combining a masterful scheme of work for schools and plenty of joy, Showcase is a results driven company responsible for transforming young lives and channelling their energies into a positive direction.

Showcase provide for every opportunity including:  PPA Cover, Wider Opportunities, Curriculum Teaching, Clubs, Instrumental Teaching, Ensembles, Workshops and much more.

Visit the Showcase website for more information.