Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 11 Raising Attainment and Progress

Year 11 is a vitally important year thus we must support our students in preparing for the year ahead. Due to the pressures of Year 11, our students must be equipped with the necessary tools to accelerate their progress. By providing a clear roadmap for success we are supporting our students’ wellbeing in what is a potentially stressful period.

We have therefore created a programme for raising both Attainment and Progress in Year 11:

  • Understand the key people supporting your child to achieve success
  • Be aware of the most recent Ofqual Examination updates and changes for Summer 2022
  • Hear from Curriculum leaders on how best to prepare for the upcoming mock examinations and the summer series
  • Have a clear understanding of the revision strategies that will have the most impact in helping your child revise effectively

Please find the videos for each of the sessions below.

If you have any questions or need any additional support, please contact Miss A Knight (Assistant Principal Curriculum) at the Academy by email using

GSCE Adaptations

As you know, the Government have already confirmed a number of GCSE adaptations. These include:

1.     Choice of topics in GCSE English literature, history, and choice of content in GCSE geography (optionality)

2.     Provision of advance information on the focus of the content of exams to be used as revision guidance in all subjects without optionality

3.     Changes to the requirements for the delivery of practical activities in science subjects, and assessment in art and design

4.     Provision of support materials in GCSE mathematics, physics, and combined science exams

5.     Advance information will be published by exam boards by 7 February to provide students with revision guidance. This will enable teachers to plan to adapt their teaching after the half term.

6.     The Department for Education’s policy is that Teacher Assessed Grades will be used in the event exams are unable to proceed as planned, either because the extent of further disruption means that they would not be fair even with the adaptations planned, or because public health advice is that it would not be safe for all students to gather to sit exams.

Mock examinations

We will be conducting two internal assessment weeks after half- term. These assessment weeks will be in the week beginning Monday 8th November and the week beginning Monday 15th November. Please find the timetable of planned mock examinations included with this letter and on the school website.

Your child’s attendance for these assessments is essential, to enable us to provide an accurate assessment of your child’s current grade and the necessary support required for them to meet their target. It is also important to note that all assessments will take place in controlled conditions in the examination hall and certified access arrangements will be arranged for those students that this applies. Please ensure that students are fully equipped for each examination and attend each day.

Following the mock examination cycle, the year 11 team look forward to discussing your child’s progress during our planned Y11 parents evening this term..

Y11 Intervention

All students are invited to attend intervention 3-4pm daily. 

WB Monday 1st November

Core Intervention










WB Monday 8th November

Humanities and Creative Intervention




History/ Geography


Creative (Art, PE, Dance, Music, 3D Design and Photography)


Creative (Art, PE, Dance, Music, 3D Design and Photography)


Creative (Art, PE, Dance, Music, 3D Design and Photography)


It is essential that students attend these intervention sessions to enable them to fulfil their full potential.

Core intervention week one (began Monday 1st November).
Humanities & Creative intervention week two (began Monday 8th November).