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Oasis Belgium Visit

Oasis Belgium Visit

Southampton welcomed Abriel Schieffelers from Oasis Belgium in July. During her visit, she met with staff members, prefects and led lessons with students from across the Academies. For older students, Abriel talked about the issue of human trafficking and gave a global perspective to the students. 


Principal Rob Forder said, "It was wonderful to hear about the work of Oasis in another part of the world. Abriel let our students know about the community projects in Belgium and they could relate to the work with older people and the needs of those that are vulnerable in their communities".

Working with the prefects across the Academies, Abriel talked with them to see how we could strengthen the link with Oasis Belgium in the coming years. 

One Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill student, Kirsten (Year 8) said, "I feel proud that Oasis help people with migration and helping the elderly’. It makes me happy that people migrate to Belgium and get help there".