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Operating Theatre Live!

Operating Theatre Live!

On Tuesday 4th February students from Oasis Academy Lord's Hill interested in a future in medicine attended ‘Operating Theatre Live’ hosted by Richard Taunton Sixth Form College. The award winning Operating Theatre Live event offers a curriculum linked learning experience based around the dissection of real anatomical specimens in a real operating theatre, for students aged 14-19.

Soon after the students arrived it wasn't long before they were putting on scrubs and preparing a ‘patient’ for theatre; this involved sterilising the patient, and calculating and administering the correct dosage of anaesthetic. They then were very excited to dissect different organs which included extracting a brain and eye from a pigs head, to lung, heart and liver dissection!

The whole experience really supported their understanding of anatomy and physiology which will help with their future studies. 

We would like to thank both Richard Taunton's and Operating Theatre Live for the opportunity.