Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Letters Home

We know that letters home don't always make it there on time, or may get lost. Therefore we will send a message to parents whenever a letter is sent home and also provide you with a digital copy here available to download throughout the year. 

Summer Term 2022 Autumn Term 2022 Spring Term 2023
Year 8 HPV letter and leaflet

MCAS Letter for Year 7 from the Academy Principal 06.09.22

Year 9 HPV letter - April 2022 Letter to all parents from the Academy Principal 13.09.22  
Year 10 Parents Evening Letter May 2022 Year 8 Letter - NHS Public Health  
Year 11 Summer Exams Letter May 2022 Showcase Instrumental Lessons Letter  
National Student Awards Letter - May 2022 ClassCharts Letter to all Parents 26.09.22  
Free School Meals Vouchers Letter 25.5.22 Year 11 Mock Exams Letter 26.09.22  
Letter to all Year 11 - 24.5.22    
Year 7 Parents Evening Letter 25.05.22    
SEND letter from the Vice Principal - 7th June 2022    
Year 7 Assessment Letter 10.06.22    
Year 8 Assessment Letter 10.06.22    
Year 9 Assessment Letter 10.06.22    
Year 10 Assessment Letter 10.06.22    
Summer Showcase Letter - June 2022    
Year 8 NHS Letter    
Year 9 NHS Letter    
Instrumental Lessons Letter    
Year 10 Futures Week Letter    
Letter from the Academy Principal to all parents 08.07.22    
Principal Letter to Parents 15.07.22    
Letter to all parents from the Vice Principal - July 2022    
Free School Meals Letter 2022    
Principal End of Term Letter 20.07.22